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Alquimia and Cultural Itinerancies in Algarve

25 Feb, 2017, 09:00 to
27 Feb, 2017, 19:00

Venue: Paisagem Protegida da Rocha da Pena, Loulé

Alquimia, Cultural Itinerancies in Algarve- Workshop Air

On the first day, Hélder Pereira and Francisco Lopes1 will lead an interpretive trail in the Protected Landscape of Rocha da Pena (Loulé) to explore the stories recorded throughout the ages in the landscapes of the Serra and Barrocal. Conversations and knowledge acquired on this day will be the starting point for a land art workshop oriented by artist Tomás Cunha Ferreira at Moinho Branco (Cachopo) during which will be served a traditional picnic. Finally, on the third day at Quinta da Fornalha will take place a gastronomy workshop with chef Pedro Beleza, where the Levant wind will serve as motive to explore Middle Eastern influences in Algarvian cuisine.

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