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Welcome to the city of 32 churches which dates back to prehistoric times as port of embarkation of the Algarve northeast and the landing of Mediterranean products. During Islamic rule was one of the main towns in the Algarve. After the conquest of Ceuta (1415) becomes the main port of support which enables gain city status in 1520.
In Tavira you can enjoy the Gilão River on the beautiful Romanesque bridge with seven arches. City rich in architectural and archaeological heritage can be a nice starting point to enjoy your visit to the Eastern Algarve.

1. After you rent a bike from Abílio Bikes, bike shop in Algarve we suggest leaving the store and turn to your right, cross the Roman bridge and enjoy the city center with its famous roofs of scissors. The history tells that were sailors, coming back from the East, invented these roofs in order to exhibit their fortunes, the result of the spice trade. Thus, these roofs provoke admiration and even envy to the city sights.

2. Stories aside, follow the bicycle to the castle, which dates back to the first half of Century XII. This arises during the Islamic and Muslim occupation. Inside you can visit your garden, enjoy the scenery and glimpse the sea. Also make sure to visit the surrounding churches.

3. Leaving the Castle you can visit the Gallery Palace which houses unique exhibits and workshops for the family.

4. In the same area visit the old Tavira Tower which was an old water tank at the top of Santa Maria, built in June 1931 that was later abandoned. Today is the Camera Obscura where you can visit, family, old city visualization methods.

5. After a historic visit to the heart of the city cycle back to the City Halll, cross one of the bridges and cycle towards the Ria Formosa trough Ecovia. There you will find a unique landscape camp of salt pans, a monument: Forte do Rato, a beach and the Eco-hotel Vila Galé Albacora result of the restoration of the former camp of tuna fishing in Arraial Ferreira Neto. Here are the houses of fishermen who lived there were converted into comfortable hotel rooms. Also in Arraial you can visit the Museum of tuna fishing, which you can get to know a little more about this fishing gear, discover the model of a fishing frame the calls Almadrava (frame with 9 km long, assembled and disassembled every year in beginning and end of the season from April to October) and enjoy the fantastic spaces in the Eco-hotel Vila Galé Albacora.

6. Get some rest and enjoy the natural landscape overlooking the Tavira´s Island. You will not regret.

7. Tavira Island: another possibility is highly valued by tourists pedaling towards the “Quatro águas”, leave the bike there, and take the boat to Tavira Island.
There you can enjoy kilometers of sand only for yourself. The island also has a campsite and some restaurants. Then the only suggestion we give you is to do nothing! Rest and relax in this fantastic beach.

8. Old and New City Market:
On his return from Tavira Island, return to the city, always pedal forward and stop in the old City Market. With craft shops, restaurants and cafes you can rest and enjoy artisanal products, accompanied by a good snack / dinner.
The next day, in the morning, visit the Current Municipal Market, situated opposite the Hotel Vila Galé. There you can see a beautiful local trade of fruits, vegetables, baskets, and other specialties of the area as sea salt “Flor de sal”, rosemary honey and some sweets made from figs, almonds and carob beans that can be a great gift for your family and friends.
They will love !!

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ride map:

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Technical information:

Duration: 4H

Distance: 53Km

Level of difficulty: Medium

Possitive altimetry: 850m

Min. Max people: Min: 2 / Max: 20

Reservation of tours with: 48H

mandatory equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Clothing appropriate for the activity


  • Bring water or isotonic drinks
  • To take energy bars or fruit pieces
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
RNAAT 23/2011