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A) Bookings

1- I make a reservation now and I had to pay 30% of the rental amount. Is it right?
A: Yes, any reservation that you made and to secure your booking Abílio Bikes, Algarve bike rent retains 30% of the booking value.

2- And the other part of the  amount (reservation) when do I pay?
A: The remaining amount of your booking you pay when you collect the bicycles, whether in the store or where you will be staying. (Hotel, Appartment, etc).

3- And if I have to cancel my booking Abílio Bikes returns the 30%?
A: Yes, Abílio Bikes returns 30% if the cancellation of the reservation is made with more than 48 hours prior to the reservation made, this cancellation is free.
For example: If when you made your reservation was for 12:00 on 10 February, so if you wish to cancel the reservation and to take back the 30%, you will have to cancel before 12.00 on 8 February.

4- What if I cancel the reservation less than 48 hours of check in or even after the appointed time?
A: In this case, Abílio Bikes, tourism bike rentals has the right to keep the value of 30% of the reservation and the customer will not receive their return.

5- What if I want to increase the booking period?
A: Yes, it´s posible. During your booking request an increase of days of booking by contacting with Abílio Bikes. But first our shop have to  authorize this increase. If we give OK to the costumer you can enjoy all the days you asked.

6- And if I'm under 18 can I make a reservation?
A: Yes, it is posible. But always you have to give us an authorization from your family´s  member, accompanied with a photocopy of Identity Card or Passport to the person with more tan 18 years old.

7- What if I can not go to the shop where is Abilio Bikes where you can deliver and collect the bicycles in the Algarve?
A: We have a delivery service and collection of bikes exclusively in the area between Vila Real de Santo António to Olhão (53 kms). We do not work outside this geographical area.

8- Do I have to pay any deposit for the bicycles?
A: Yes, when signing the contract, the client must leave the amount of € 20 per bike as a deposit in case of rental bicycles City, Comfort, Mountain biking 29 and and Child, for MTB 29 PRO it is € 50, € 100 for the Carbon Road Bike, Gravel bike and same value for E-Bike, 200€ for E-MTB which will be refunded upon delivery / collection of the bicycle and / or accessories as long as they are in the same condition in which they were collected / delivered. 
All deposits must be in cash, not by card, as if everything is in the same conditions we will refund the same deposit at the end.


B) Returns

8- What if I want to return the bicycle ahead of schedule on my reservation? Abílio Bikes return me the difference in value?
A: If the customer return the bike before the scheduled time (checked out) Abílio Bikes not refund the remaining amount of the rental.

9- What if I'm late to return the bicycle?
A: If the customer is late in returning the bicycle after one hour from the agreed time, he will have a penalty in the amount of two euros (VAT at the prevailing rate) per hour that will be charged to the customer after.
Example: if your check out was 3h00 pm and you only return the bicycles 7 pm. you have to pay 6 euros more.

10- And if this delay is not responsability from the costumer such as: sinister, robbery, theft, fire or other cause higher nature?
A: Only in such cases Abílio Bikes does not charge a fee of two euros per hour late.

11- And if the delay is more than 24 hours?
A: If the delay is more than 24 hours and Abílio Bikes NOT  has been informed, then a criminal complaint against customers will be applied in Police.

C) Assistance

12- How and when does the assistance during the rental work?

A: Travel assistance operates within a radius of 20 km. Outside the area you should contact Abilio Bikes for directions on the nearest repair point in the customer's area, which must be moved by its own means and cost. The tour operates between 9:30 a.m and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. On Sundays we do not give assistance.

D) Penalty and other expenses

13- And if the bicycle is lost, stolen or has material damage during the booking?
A: In case of damage, loss, theft, theft and damage to the bike, the customer must immediately notify Abílio Bikes.  In case of robbery the client is fully responsible for the total payment of the bicycle and accessories. The amount to pay is written in the contract that the client sign when he rent the bicycle.
All other interventions Abílio Bikes will be billed to the customer per incident (eg. Intervention or movement of the body when a bike is not delivered to the place of origin, forgetfulness or loss) deterioration, loss, theft and / or robbery is not grounds for suspension and / or termination of the contract by the customer initiative, continuing the lease to be billed according to the initially agreed conditions.

E) Insurance

14- When the bicycle is rented the costumer have the right to a personal accident insurance?
A: Yes, any customer who rent a bicycle is automatically entitled to enjoy our Policy personal accident Tranquilidade N.º 0003820225 during the period of the reservation.

RNAAT 23/2011