Shimano Service Center

Certified Team - Original Shimano Components

Shimano Service Center

Whether you use the bike for competition, traveling in the city or just for leisure, a reliable maintenance service is essential to continue to get the most out of it. Technical services performed by professionals increase the longevity of your bicycle, making the most of it when you cycle and helping to prevent unexpected repair costs.

Why choose a Shimano Service Center?

In a Shimano Service Center you will get an excellent maintenance service from the people who know your bike best, without worrying about its quality and safety. Ask us your questions. We are always pleased to be able to help and advise.

We put all our experience into what we offer you. Ever.

We have an excellent technical service and maintenance:

  • Certified team
  • We use original Shimano components
  • We use the latest Shimano technologies

In the website Shimano Service Center you can find out  more about how you can get the most out of your bike


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RNAAT 23/2011