Waterfall Pego do Inferno
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Waterfall Pego do inferno
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If what you really like is to enjoy nature then we have a very easy route for you from Abílio Bikes Shop in Algarve.

If you are in our Bike shop and already with your bike turn left, enjoy the Gilão River and cross the bridge you will see in front of him to the other side of the river. Then turn right, direction opposite to the city, and just relax while pedaling along the river with its unique landscapes. Just go ahead, about 5 km approximately, and will reach a point where, on your right, there will come a signal that says: “Moinhos da Rocha”. Turn right, go straight ahead, go up a little and hold right there on your bike. There you will find the Pego do Inferno Cascade.

This is the combined result of the two waterfalls (cascade Pomarinho and Cascade Tower) formed in existing Tufa in Ribeira da Asseca in Santo Estevão. The water fall is not very high since reaches a maximum 3 meters but provides an idyllic landscape with a pond in green tones, surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation.
In symbiosis with Nature relax and breathe the fresh air of the Algarve hills.

Note: in previous years have stolen some bikes in that location.
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RNAAT 23/2011