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5 Ideal Places for Cyclists to Live in Portugal

5 Ideal Places for Cyclists to Live in Portugal

Over the years cycling has gained more and more fans in Portugal. Once a sport that we only got involved in to satisfy our parents, it is now synonymous with healthy habits and communion with nature.

It is precisely the ability to conquer the most diverse strata of society that makes cycling a unique activity. Here men, women and children of all ages meet in search of tranquillity and challenges.

Our relatively mild climate and terrain full of idyllic locations provides the opportunity to be frequently impressed while cycling off the road.

For those who live or are planning to move to somewhere else in the country, we have created a short list of suggestions where quality of life and cycling seem to complement each other perfectly.



Vilamoura isn't just about marinas and August nights. This beautiful location in Portugal offers one of the highest levels of quality of life for those who live here, and many surprises to discover.

Its singularly beautiful coastline or flat streets full of palm trees, and more than enough space for safe cycling are very important. Cycling has also gained fans in the Algarve through these stops, with frequent walks and opportunities to meet other enthusiasts of the activity.



From the city centre to Foz, Porto is one of those rare urban centres that maintains the aura of locality. Filled with friendly people and some of the best restaurants in the world when you get tired of cycling, it's also a city that can be sympathetically defined as having ardent cycling enthusiasts.

Neighbourhoods with less traffic are a mix of calm, and gives you the opportunity to connect with the most authentic Portugal.



We've already passed through the Algarve in this article, but it's in Foia that we find a remarkable contrast to the previous point. Here, the challenges are abundant with the steep slopes and open views.

This area is for adventurers, but also for those looking for a deeper communion with nature, proving that the region offers much more than the holiday tourist postcard. Between tracks and villages that time has preserved, there will always be adventure here.



We couldn't finish without mentioning Alentejo. More precisely, Beja. This is also one of the cheapest areas to buy a house, currently with an average value of €144,263.

It also offers huge open areas and it’s not too busy, so the greatest of cycling enthusiasts will find the perfect balance between their physical activity and nature. Apart from the possible torrid summer heat, the other months of the year are inviting for frequent practice of the cycling.



We cannot fail to mention one last area in the Algarve. After all, the beautiful city of Tavira is one of the most interesting places to visit at any time of year.

It is also here that you will find some of the most diverse routes to be taken on two wheels. With companies specializing in bicycle tours and two-wheel rentals, we can embark on endless adventures in modalities as different as mountain biking, on the road or even on the city's bike paths.


We could extend this list to dozens of other must-see places in our country, from North to South, and without forgetting the islands. In practice, the feeling that connects us all is that of a greater connection with the environment around us, resulting in increased tranquillity and well-being.

Cycling is thus a lifestyle that one adopts never to forget, to the point that it is not at all unthinkable that the next time you consider moving house, take a look at the places you can visit by bike.

RNAAT 23/2011