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Algarve Bike Challenge and Abilio Bikes Trek Nucleo Sportinguista Vrsa

Algarve Bike Challenge, in Algarve already finished
But with great MTB results!

Here are some testimonials from members of our Bike Team Abilio Bikes Trek Nucleo Sportinguista VRSA:

Carlos Faustino, Sports Director
"I did a lot of tests and I'm still going to make the results count, that's for sure, we finished in 8th place, in my 5th participation in the Algarve Bike Challenge but the goal was to get to know and add the bike addiction to my partner, I got it and I was satisfied.
But what a companion I was to arrange!?!?!? We gave it to us to give the maximum, Saturday the adrenaline went up and come on, was always pulling up to do a 9th place in 22 teams, we were not counting on that.
On the 3rd day, enthusiastic with this bicycle event but the experience knew that we could not go to kill and with the large percentages of slope was easy to throw everything to lose because the fatigue would be just around the corner, to help Adriana Gomes went bad the first 1H30 the stomach only allowed water and this, knew that would make things difficult, because without feeding .... passed and returned to gain strength and energies however the opposing teams were already far, but we still have the most direct pair in the our aim but the wear was already irreversible and the course was favorable to them it was not possible anymore, there was no need to finish with a huge commitment and gain hatred to the test and there we came more relaxed until Tavira to finish the bike race, in Portugal.

In addition to everything our victory was finished and my trophy, this smile already in the final part of Adriana fills me with pride of this true rider fighter.
Thank you Mario Alpiarça 👏 👏
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Adriana Gomes

" Algarve Bike Challenge 2017

Because there are things that can not be said or explained ...
No doubt the best bike partner I could have had! Thank you for adventure, for learning, for company, for taking care of me, and the rest you already know everything.
We gave everything we had, we did what we could, in the end the result is the least important. But you get the feeling of having plenty of room to improve.
Duarte Dias now with Diogo Afonso, because I will not let you take my bicycle partner! 
Without forgetting, the one who, with a phone call and four or five words convinced me to align in this bike challenge madness, and still helped me to prepare body and mind, Mário Alpiarça, thank you!
Thank you uncle, for always being present!
Thanks also to Abílio Bikes Shop & Rentals, Luís Branquinho, Paulo Ajuda, for the opportunity to participate in this event and for leaving the bike ready for war in Tavira.
Mom, I promise I'll get some rest now. "

Diogo Afonso
"I leave a short summary to share with you this edition of ABC.
STAGE 1 (Prologue) - Ideal stage for my characteristics, high intensity and maximum explosion, but you had to be very careful with the wet floor, slowing down ENOUGH, so that you did not waste everything on the first day.
We got a modest 29th place, but everything was still missing ...
STAGE 2- We started off sensibly in the middle of the peloton, having some difficulties to reach the top 5, but after 30 minutes we managed to compete for the overall Top3, until ... the flu that had been inside me since 2 weeks ago, of itself ... if I had been suffering from the beginning, from there I do not remember such great suffering, it was time to receive with all humility, the precious help of my Duarte Dias bike couple, who towed me the rest of the whole stage with his precious hand on my back :)
I got completely warped!

We finished the stage in 8th place in the General and 6th in the step.
STEP 3. If fortune protects the Audacious, she has protected me with all her wisdom ...
It was not as calm as the previous day, but with an exit in the peloton's head due to a better classification (6th in the stage), it was easier to maintain the right pace without big swings. For the first hour and a half the flu still resisted leaving me where once again the person in charge of my trailer did not fail me and helped me a lot ...
Suddenly, the influenza gave up and abandoned me in this last stage, now yes Diogo returned to have acceptable sensations,
Now it was time to repay all the help to my friend Duarte Dias who, meanwhile, begins to pay for all the effort he had made, as I told him while I still had the strength, I was dividing it by 2 ...
Riding in the Top 10 all the time, it was time for Trek top Fuel to "march" as she likes and recover all the damage from the other bike stages, but with few chances ...
We finished without major problems, but very happy because of our 6th place in the category and 7th place overall in 280 teams, could it be better? Of course, but then for next year there was not much room for evolution: P
We want to thank everyone who has given us moral and technical support at every step.
Thank you Marco Fernandes for providing us with this spectacular opportunity to participate at the highest level in your mountain bike event, the event of the year in Algarve without a doubt!
To those who asked why we still go there, for the year are invited to participate ...
Thankful to those who are with us:
-Abilio Bikes- Trek Nucleo Sportinguista VRSA
-Mario Alpiarça
-Eden fit by Alex Fernandes
-Best Carbon Wheels by Luis Salas
-Nsport, your nutrition shop in Tavira "


Filipe Martins
"Algarve Bike Challenge finished
The desire to do this test was already great and this year I had the opportunity to participate and to partner with my bike teammate Hugo Conceição.
Summarizing these three days full of learning and adventures
A trip with about 2.5km through the city of Tavira that was very dangerous due to wet sidewalks, so there was no great bicycle risk.
Step 2:
The Saturday stage had to be reduced by about 15 KM due to rain falling. It was a course with long climbs and that pleased us both so the pace was alive and we were rolling in the first 25 doubles until at 15/20 KM from the end I had a hole and ruined everything, I still spent some time with the tire (A big thank you to André Viera for the help he gave us, it was 5 *), and then went to try to recover some lost places to the end, which caused me a great wear and tear.
Step 3:
The racing goal was to try to recover as much as possible and so at the beginning we tried to maintain a strong rhythm but I realized immediately that the previous stage had done damage so we decided to set a certain rhythm and without great madness. After the first supplies the problems came back again and we were forced to stop to tighten the clits of the shoes, wasting even more time and after that it was trying to get to the end because the forces were already scarce and without the help of my bike partner I do not know if had done it.
In the end it was worth all this effort because it was an incredible experience of bicycle event in the Algarve and that gave to make 47º in general.
My mtb partner - Hugo Conceição who was my "teacher" during these three days (and his mother also by the equipment washed for the following steps).
To André Vieira for the help he gave me during the first stage.
Mário Alpiarça
Abílio Bikes-TREK / Núcleo Sportinguista VRSA
Abílio Bikes Shop-Tavira (TOP assistance during supplies)

Thanks to you bike riders!

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