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Holidays in East Algarve?
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Abilio Bikes Shop & Rentals propose a new concept of traveling in a secret Algarve.
By bicycle? Yes, of course, because our business name says everything. However, more than renting a bike with your family and friends, we propose two concepts of Tours: Classics and the Experiences.

Today we dedicate the article to the Experince Guided Bike Tours.
Exactly, they'll be asking themselves what exactly that means, okay, we'll answer.
It is as simple as taking a guided bike ride associated with another experience. These activities can be, imagine, take a boat trip and see dolphins, stroll in an olive grove and make a fantastic extra virgin olive oil tasting, as well as take a bike tour of the local markets.
They are all fantastic, but we have special affection for our Surprise Bike Tour. Yes, read well, surprise, where you will risk 4 hours of your holidays and delegate, in us, the expectations of your curiosity. We give a tip: ancestral tradition .....

If you are traveling with your family, we propose the Grandfather and Grandchild Bike Challenge Tour, where you will pedal through the Ria Formosa Lagoon Natural Park where will make the delights of birdwatching lovers to observe flamingos and other species in the salt plans. In this tour, you have the possibility to choose an electric bike, eBike, to be able to pedal comfortably. Let's see who chooses the eBike, whether the grandparents or the grandchildren, yes, it would not be the first time the roles change positions.

For the more adventurous we have a combination of bike packs where we put together our mountain tours, the road bike rides with, guess what, a relaxing massage at the end of your tour. Cycling through the Algarve mountains, discover nature in its pure state, explore mountains and find incredible dams, are some of the privileges you will enjoy when experiencing our tours.

For more information about our Experience Bike Tours, look here:

Eco-friendly travelers: Tavira is waiting for you!

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