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TREK 1120 TOURING in Algarve

" 1120 is a touring bike with unlimited off-road capability. Smart, secure packing options, thoughtfully designed racks, and mountain-ready spec make it the ideal tool for your wildest adventures.

There's no end to adventure with 1120. Explore the farthest reaches of the world on the one bike that thrives in the most extreme backcountry touring destinations. 

The efficiency with which the cargo is transported is very important in autonomy travel. The 1120 offers low support for front luggage racks, and the tailgate and exclusive bag system allows you to carry a pair of low-centered 8L watertight pockets for better control. The rear boot also allows the transport of objects such as a tent or sleeping bag on top. The 1120's front boot maximizes the transport space between the handlebar and the wheel, providing a carrying capacity for all that is needed in a long adventure with easy access. Both trunks can be removed with just four screws in less than five minutes. The frame of the 1120 also has conventional trunk supports for the transport of side bags if an even greater carrying capacity is required for very long adventures. "

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