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Father´s Day Gift Gps Garmin Edge 1000

Father's Day and Discounts at our Store ...
Garmin Power: Garmin Campaign, GPS Edge 1000 Pack
Before: 609€ now on Abilio Bikes: 489€.

The NEW Bike Computer for competition, online connections and navigation

Racing competitions through Garmin Connect ™ segments
On-road and off-road navigation and points of interest with Garmin Cycle Map preloaded
Enter a distance and select up to 3 return travel options
Immediate downloads for Garmin Connect ™ Mobile to scan
Online functions¹: incoming calls, email and text message alerts, real-time location, route sending / receiving, sharing in social networks, meteorology

Whether you're on the road to improving your personal record or seeing your position vis-à-vis professionals, the Edge 1000 lets you connect, compare, and compete. Turn your rides into racing by competing on Garmin Connect segments and seeing real-time results on your Edge, including alerts for the beginning and end of the segment and ranking positions. Segment functionality keeps you motivated and helps you look for continuous improvement.

- LiveTrack

LiveTrack lets your friends and family track your location in real-time while you're pedaling, and it's even easier to use now. When you turn on automatic start, you can spend more time concentrating on travel and less on technology. LiveTrack automatically detects when you start pedaling, which means you do not even have to pick up your phone. The automatic start is also compatible with the new Strava Beacon, which allows Strava Premium subscribers to enjoy the same excellent functionality. It has never been so easy for you and your family members to have peace of mind while pedaling.

Come to our bike store to make happy your father. Buy Local.

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