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Book Estilo de Vida - a dieta que resulta

Nutrition, Health and a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise Books That Are Worth It

Today Abilio Bikes recommend a great book useful for all family and professional and non-professional athletes.

Here the Sic Book Club Citation: "Alexandre Fernandes and João Lapa propose a double challenge in the new book of the SIC Book Club: to lose weight and keep in shape throughout life. The well-known nutritionist and the physical trainer join forces in presenting a diet allied to a customizable training plan that can be adapted to the needs and objectives of each reader. In the case of diet, the reader can choose the following dietary plans according to sex, the weight you have and what you want to lose and whether you want to lose it in a quicker or more gradual way; in the case of exercise, the reader can choose the combination of exercises and increase the duration when it reaches a better physical condition.

And let us now speak of the two authors. A graduate in Nutrition and Food Engineering and in Nutrition Sciences, Alexandre Fernandes is the author of several books and accumulates experience in areas such as astrology, reiki, clinical hypnosis and aura reading, among others. In this book, you develop a plan to lose fat mass, improve health and self-esteem and, more importantly, maintain the results.

Based on a gluten-free, lactose-free and genetically modified (GMO) diet, the author provides data for a greener diet with ingredients that are easy to find on any commercial surface.

Oh, but this book does not challenge you to go hungry. Get ready to have advice that you can quickly put into practice: 30 simple and tasty recipes that follow the authors' philosophy and are an important part of this Lifestyle - The Diet That Turns Out.

More than a diet, this book is the basis for a lifestyle that allows allying healthy eating to a physical exercise practice, with a simple training plan and high effectiveness, with the help of the physical trainer João Lapa, who currently Works with professional soccer teams. With changes that are easy to make, without radical cuts and that the reader will be able to maintain throughout his life, João Lapa defines a high intensity strength training, to be carried out in slow movements, which is the solution for those who are tired of exercises Which you can not do for a long time and which put you at risk for your well-being.

Lifestyle - The Diet That Result is the book for those who are fed up with restrictive diets. Written by specialists in Nutrition and Physical Training, this is a plan that results and that can be adapted to the needs and objectives of each one. "

We already have it at home, and you?

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